David Selden-Treiman

Project Manager & Full-stack Developer

I’m the chief coordinator and project manager at Potent Pages. I’ve started programming in 2003 and to this day I’ve been developing custom software, web-based application, and business websites.

Work Experience

Director of Operations & Project Manager - Potent Pages 2012-Present

David Selden-Treiman coordinates the business operations and manages projects for Potent Pages. He leads a team of people to build small-business websites and web applications.

  • Building, editing and maintaining small business websites for clients
  • Developing and maintaining a data entry web application used for hundreds of database tables, allowing people around the world to simultaneously edit and update data for their websites.
  • Writing and maintaining programs to obtain data from websites, including hundreds of thousands of companies across the US, tracking hundreds of news news websites for ourselves and our clients, and monitoring and analyzing search engine results for optimization.

Technical Manager & Programmer - Michigan Loan Closets, Inc. 2012-Present

David Selden-Treiman is the lead technical manager for Michigan Loan Closets, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to help people receive and donate durable medical equipment to those in need.

  • Developing and maintaining the website directory of over 300 organizations that provide or accept medical equipment donations.
  • Maintaining the data entry web application that facilitates adding and updating information about the over 300 organizations included in the directory.
  • Managing the Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign for Michigan Loan Closets, Inc.

Research Assistant for Professors Dr. Damodar Golhar and Dr. John Mueller - Western Michigan University 2012 - 2013

David Selden-Treiman was a assistant to Dr. Damodar Golhar and Dr. John Mueller during the 2012 and 2013 school years, respectively. He worked within the Department of Management at Western Michigan University's School of Business, assisting professors with their research.

Dr. Golhar was researching the effects of delaying product customization within the supply chain on the end profit.

  • Performing statistical analysis on research data using Minitab (a statistical analysis program)
  • Creating graphs of the statistical analysis using Mable (a mathematics program and computer algebra system)
  • Entering data for obtained from surveys and studies
  • Finding studies relevant to current research.


Programming, Website Design, and Project Management Autodidact

David Selden-Treiman learned programming independently, starting in 2003. He started learning z80 assembly code, then switched to x86 assembly code and C/C++. Next, he learned PHP, along with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. David started learning programming to solve problems. Through this experience, he learned to manage projects, planning components from the finished objective all the way back to the initial steps.

Bachelors of Business Administration: General Management (Commercial Law, Accounting, and Finance specialties) and Minor in Mathematics

David Selden-Treiman received his B.B.A. from Western Michigan University in 2013 for General Management, a multi-diciplinary business degree designed for people working to start their own business. This program allows for a wider breadth of studies. David Selden-Treiman also received a minor in mathematics. This four year program was completed in 3 years.


I'd be happy to work with you! Let my years of development specialization and experience work for you. Contact me today and I'll work on applying skill and expertise to your technical project.